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Today, in the framework of the video- project "Housing- the essence of life", we will talk about the problems of realization of the right to adequate housing in Dushanbe.

Over the past few years, dozens of cases of demolition of houses and forced evictions of citizens have been noted in almost all cities. The most "hot" zone is Dushanbe.

Citizens increasingly began to raise issues that they had to face when moving to new buildings lately, the most important of them is the quality of construction and the process of official commissioning of the object.

The characters of our plot tell real stories related to the right to adequate housing.

Deadlines for new buildings and their quality attributes- is the one thing, but there is another side of the coin.

This is the provision of fair compensation and respect for social justice in the forced relocation and implementation of Master plans of cities and districts of the country...

Within the framework of the video- project "Housing- the essence of life", we talk about housing problems in the regions, the results achieved and the ongoing daily work of human rights activists.

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